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Preschool students playing on campus.

Grandview House Preschool is a quality child care center designed to meet the needs of parents looking for a developmental program without overwhelming their child with large classroom sizes. Our curriculum encourages self initiated learning, while incorporating play-based methods for teaching practical life skills, language development, math, geography and about the world. We believe that each child is a true individual with special talents and unique interests. We recognize every child matures at a different pace developmentally, and academically; therefore with small class sizes and special individual attention, we are equipped to work with each child individually to prepare them for academics in kindergarten as well as instilling in them a positive self image. We view the children in our school as an extension of our own family and they will be cared for with that approach.   
Grandview House Preschool fosters a nurturing environment of motivation and support, while providing high-quality care that will help our students reach their full developmental and intellectual potential. Our early childhood development certified and CPR trained staff is focused on creating a happy environment for their students, where the child’s safety and well being is priority.
In addition to providing age-specific educational resources, our school offers a range of extracurricular activities for our students; such as, cooking and dance classes, field trips, Armenian and Spanish club, gymnastics and computer lab. Our center is conveniently located in the residential district of North Glendale.

Highlights & Perks

  • Open 8am with optional extended day hours to 6pm

  • Part-time & full-time options available

  • Low teacher to student ratio

  • All natural, organic, and preservative free meals

  • Kindergarten readiness curriculum

  • Learning materials based on the latest research

  • Meets standards consistent with the NAEYC

  • Safe and enriching environment

  • Non-potty trained children are welcome in our toddler program

  • Impeccably clean and organized classrooms


Preschool students in class.

Mrs. Lena Haiek
Owner, Director

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Grandview House Preschool

Pacific Ave. Campus
License #198017951

Grandview House at the Village

Kenneth Village Campus
License #198019591

Grandview House at the Marina

Marina del Rey Campus
License #197494855

3 locations : : Marina del Rey  |  North Glendale  |  Kenneth Village

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