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What our parents have to say...

"Our preschooler attended Grandview House during the summer.  We had looked into other options, and we decided that Grandview House's summer curriculum would provide the right balance of "work and play."  We loved their open play area, their healthy organic meal plan, and their organized classroom setting.  Lena, the director, is just a ball of energy, and fantastic with kids.  Their open communication with parents is also comforting and you're always kept informed.  Overall, a great setting for kids!"
- S.M.
​"Our daughter started at Grandview House Preschool about a month ago and she just loves it there. This is her first introduction to a formal school setting and Miss Lena has made it an easy transition. She is a compassionate, fair and nurturing caregiver and teacher. The setting of the school is home based which gives it a familiar feel for a little toddler and at the same time it has the resources of a larger private or public program, so it is a perfect combination. I really like that Miss Lena has a structured schedule and curriculum, so the kids are learning all the time. Miss Lena is also great at communicating with you about the lesson plan or focus for the week so you can reinforce things at home. And the best part is you can tell Miss Lena and the staff really enjoy their job which makes it even more special for the kids. I think this is a wonderful place to start your child's educational development."
- Dr. Talene Churukian
"Our family loves Grandview House, from the first day of school my son fell in love with Miss Lena. She offers a warm and loving learning environment. I instantly saw developmental growth in my son. He is learning so much. In addition to the curriculum what I love as a parent is the commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Its the details like fresh organic snacks and home cooked meals that make Grandview House stand out in a crowd. Grandview house has become my son's home away from home. In a day and age when parents worry and think twice about where we leave our kids, my heart and my mind are at ease when my son is at Grandview. I know he is learning in a safe and loving environment."
- Mrs. Christine Jerian-Kharmandalian
"From the moment I met Lena and became aware that she is the owner of Grandview House Preschool, I knew in my heart that I can trust my child with her. Lena is a loving, kind person who has a unique warmth towards children and their families. She has an amazing personality and my son Lucca loves her. I am amazed at how much he loves attending. He’s so happy the days he attends, he grabs his shoes and smiles as soon as we get close to Lena’s house. His happiness proves I made the right choice by choosing Grandview. Grandview House Preschool is a fun and loving environment for children with the perfect ambiance. Love everything about it!! I highly recommend it to all the mommies!! :))”
– Mrs. Natel Donikian
"I first started my Daughter at Grandview House, when my schedule required me to return to work. Choosing where my daughter spent her days without me was not a decision I was eager to make. I was nervous about whether or not my daughter was ready to start preschool at only 18 months. A friend introduced me to Miss Lena and Grandview House and my husband and I instantly fell in love. Before Grandview House, my daughter was barely talking and overly independent to the point of not interacting with other kids at all. Now, at 28 months, she comes home singing songs, counting carrots on her plate, and knows all the names of her classmates who she gives great big hugs to every time she sees them on Tuesdays after returning to school from the weekend. Miss Lena’s classroom structure offers a great balance of play, education, and love. My daughter absolutely LOVES Miss Erin and I feel so happy and comfortable that she is in the hands of such amazing teachers who clearly care so much about her as well."
- Mrs. Carrie Walko
"Our experience at Grandview House has been wonderful. The program is very organized, engaging and lots of fun. My daughter came home the first day identifying big letters vs. small letters and by the second week she was spelling her name, at 2 years, amazing! I love that the school offers lunch and two snacks included, all organic and healthy too. Thanks for all the wonderful teachers and staff for their kindness, love and patience."
– Mrs. Cynthia Durand
"Grandview House has been such a bliss for our now three year old daughter. I could not have imagined a more safe and loving environment. The teachers make an incredible effort to nurture their students and the fact that our daughter even asks about school on the weekends just proves that Grandview House has been the right decision for our family."
– Mrs. Laura Kodagolian


Grandview House at the Marina

Marina del Rey Campus
License #197494855

2929 West Washington Blvd.
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Phone: (310) 437-0105

Fax: (310) 439-1388

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Grandview House Preschool

Pacific Ave Campus
License #198017951

1212 North Pacific Ave.
Glendale, CA 91202


Phone: (818) 245-6963

Fax: (818) 245-6965


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Grandview House at the Village

Kenneth Village Campus
License #198019591

1306 Sonora Ave.

Glendale, CA 91201


Phone: (747) 240-6098

Fax: (818) 245-6965

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3 locations : : Marina del Rey  |  North Glendale  |  Kenneth Village

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